Our Process

Search Process

Finding the right person or the right company is hard work. The seasoned professionals at Skyline Consultancy Services have successfully delivered top management talent to premier retail and hospitality companies since 2000..

Our Approach to the Job Search We're good listeners. Because we're good listeners first, we don't waste time later. As your partner, we help you eliminate the risk of making the wrong decision. We invest the time to understand your values, your philosophy, and your requirements. We ask questions. We make you think. We develop a relationship with you. As your trusted partner, our goal is to make the right match and one that's beneficial for everyone.

Our Process

The Planning Stage We do original work. We design a specific, targeted plan for each and every assignment we accept. We come to agreement with our client on dates, events and criteria for the project as well as define the measurements for success and any financial details associated with the assignment.

The Sourcing Stage

We begin by identifying target companies as well as candidates who may possess the skills and talents identified in our search plan. This is done via doing inquiries within our network of contacts that we've developed in 7+ years of serving Building & Construction / Infrastructure Client Companies. Which could include our proprietary database, our Network sourcing vehicle, direct mail, targeted advertising, e-mail or Internet sourcing. We know virtually thousands of Building & Construction / Infrastructure professionals throughout the country.

The Contact Stage

Once we identify potential candidates, we make contact with them on a direct, personal and confidential basis. We present the opportunity, associated responsibilities and potential of the position. We examine the qualifications of the candidates against the requirements of the position. We select the candidates who are the best match based upon their past behavioral performance and achievements as well as their ability to deliver their existing company goals.

The Recruitment Stage

Candidates are screened and interviewed based upon their skills, achievements and cultural fit for an opportunity. Through this process we narrow our selection of potential candidates to a highly-screened group of finalists.

The Presentation Stage

Final candidates are introduced to the client company through a discussion of job history, accomplishments and cultural fit. Only when a strong mutual interest exists does the conversation move forward and interviews occur.

The Negotiation Stage

We act as the conduit of communication between the candidate and the client company to clarify all questions around salary terms, benefits and relocation, if needed.

The Acceptance Stage

We help the candidate maneuver through the emotional process of resigning from their current position, preparing for the counter offer and transitioning to their new career opportunity.

The Partnership Stage

We maintain communication with both candidate and client company throughout the process to ensure a smooth transition.

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