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Office Network

A recruitment contract is negotiated on basic policies agreeable to both parties. each contract goes through a process comprising several stages, which are negotiated between our client and us.

On receipt of client's manpower needs we study the requirements as a complete project.we ensure that we can supply the need while looking after the interest of both the client as well as the personnel. we require the following documents duly attested by the ministry of labour.Govt. of India.

  • Power of attorney to conduct all work connected with recruitment on behalf of the client.
  • Agency agreement to be duly signed between clients and ourselves.
  • Order for manpower giving number of vacancies, salary structure and all other basic terms and conditionc together with other benefits.
  • Contracts of employment to be duly signed between employer and the employee.
  • Original visa slip or its attested copy.
  • Letter tot the consulate authorising our office for stamping visas.
  • Copy of national identification card of sponsor.
  • Copy of commercial registration of the client's company / Establishment.

These document are studied in the perspective of the interest of the main component that ma makes up the order,viz. the client, the personnal and our organization. finally we endeavor to reach an accord with the prescribed requirements of the labour. ministry concerned with the interes of the personnel to be exported, there after our operation department takes over the order.

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